The allotment site was up to April 2012 managed by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council then at an allotment meeting in March 2012 it was agreed the way forward would be for the allotment plot holders to form an Allotment Association The Association was formed by the plot holders, a managing committee elected and the lease was signed by the trustees with Stockport Council on the 18th April 2012. The two key objectives of the Association are to promote the health and wellbeing of its members by the cultivation of vegetables and soft fruit and to improve social interaction with the local community.

On taking control of the allotment site the committee found the site very rundown and it had been neglected for the past 30 years with little to no maintenances work carried out over that period.

The Associations Committee undertook a full review of the site developing a Rejuvenation Plan. This established a programme of work (reinstating the access paths round the site, tidying up the area, cutting down and removing trees/weeds/brambles, extending the site water system) to steadily make improvements to the allotment site. On the plan there were a number of major projects, two of them were to restore the main entrance and car park and create Community Green Space Area for the members and visitors. To carry out this work the Association was fortunate to obtain grants from Forever Manchester and the Area Flexibility Fund. With this funding the Association has now completed these two major projects (see community Projects Page).

Chairman Message

All my life I have been interested in gardening but most of my working life was spent away from home. I have a garden at home that has served over the years supplying us with flowers and vegetables on a small scale. When I retired in 2010 it was very difficult to adjust to the change in my life. So in February 2011 I applied for and obtained an allotment at Woodley. The plot offered to me was over grown with weeds, brambles and self-seeding trees. We spent the following six months clearing the plot and establishing the growing beds. Three years on we now have a good allotment growing all kinds of vegetables, fruit and a small number of flowers. Being an allotment holder has been one of the most rewarding activates I have taken on. It not only keeps you active and fit but it also provides fresh tasty food for the table though out the whole year. I would recommend being an allotmentteer to anyone.

There is one down side to being a plot holder, during the summer when walking home from the plot with a shopping bag in hand containing produces friends cross the road when they see you just in case you offer them more runner beans.