Shipping Containers

Fantastic news for plot holders with the much appreciated financial help of Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund we have bought 2  3m x 4m shipping containers. ship3

Open Day 2019

Discussions are being held within the committee to hold another community open day, to enable the local community to join us and have a drink and bite to eat, more information will follow!

School Visits – 2019

As with many years gone by we have enjoyed a close working relationship with Woodley Primary School and St Marks Primary school. Pupils of these schools tend to visit annually to study the growing cycle as part of their curriculum and sometimes even sample some of our crops. Woodley Allotment Association and its members enjoy the opportunity to host the next generation of growers and to be able to teach them some of what we know about growing. Currently rumours are we may have 60+ children visiting us in 2019 – more information will be provided when it becomes available.

We are Flagging! 02/02/2019

Thanks to a local civil engineering outfit we have been given a huge quantity of flags. These flags with the voluntary help of allotment holders are being used to create new paths on the old allotment area and to replace the road planings type paths that are eroding and becoming overgrown with moss and weeds despite constant maintenance we currently perform. Projects like these can only be completed with the help of the members of Woodley Allotment Association giving up their free time to make the allotments look great.  

New gate- Braddon Rd 04/02/2019

The gate at Braddon Rd entrance has had some serious problems over the recent years with regards to safety and overall usage, with the responsibility for borders being with SMBC we are proud to say that after lengthy consultation we are very pleased to say we now have a brand new secure and safe gate installed.

Coffee Mornings –2019

Following the last 3 years successful coffee mornings at Woodley Civic Hall we will be holding two more coffee mornings in 2019. All members and public are invited to join us on 2nd March and 24th August to come and join us have a drink, cake and discuss all things growing.

Alvanely Clinic 2016- present day

In 2016 we were approached by the Alvanely Clinic to enquire if we had spare allotment space for their practice to use. Since then and much to the amazement they have converted the old unused allotment area into an allotment to be proud off. Still undergoing development the paths have been laid with block paving to allow wheel chair access to beds raised high enough for people with disabilities to enjoy the pleasure of growing crops. We welcome Alvanely Clinic to our allotments and feel that they contribute greatly to the local community.

Old allotment Area Project 2015 – present day

For over 30 years an area known as the old allotments area has not been in use and had become overgrown with well established trees, brambles and bushes. The committee wanting to utilise the allotment site to its full capacity setup working teams with plot holders coming together to clear the are to enable us to let out the newly formed allotments. This has been an enormous project, however we are pleased that as of 2016 we have been able to 3 more plots and the Alvanely Clinic project.